Zay Rondon - Deep Cover 97

Song Rating: 7.40/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: Zay Rondon]
Im a beast thats unleashed and hungry
Dont increase the peace til I come through and cease
The entire f**ing Earth, Im beginning my raid
Stabbing brains with African braids that got AIDS
Eradicate and rape
My empires a state, Rockets estate
My legacy will definitely be one of the greats
Ill begin when I inaugurate, old f**s is who I nauseate
n***as aint eating and Ill devour all the plates
Breaking every rule that you fools obey
Never wearing Obey, yall fashions all gay
Wrecking in the hallway
Im new school, bringing an old flavor
Cause my souls older than child labor
Going to work, making sure it pays off
Painting my destiny like Da Vinci
Dont underestimate me
Cause thats when Zay dominates
Im in outer space
And when I rap(rep) Im never out of place

[Verse 2: Zay Rondon]
When life is blessing me, jealousy is meant to be

An envious entity, I make sure it dont enter me
Make sure I render heat
When I run the beat
Your guns are weak and weapons obsolete
This weed leaf I cheifed got me feeling like a chief
Shaolin of the streets, calm but Im not meek
Ill still inherit the Earth, it was said at my birth
Ill come in first when I insert my girth
Im Osamas prophet with a pocket full of narcotics
Colder than the Arctic, got my target locked in
Got the rap game held hostage
My only option is to vomit on the track then floss it
My view is cosmic, my optics confusing like illusions
Illuding those losing and easily bruising
Those choosing to foolishly go against me
Im fusing ruthless lyrics and producing mad heat
A mad mans speech is what I have and teach
f** this new sh**, I listen to raps antiques
All eyes on me, and thats how I like it
Sworn to go early in the morn, to late in the night shift
Better take deep cover cause I strike faster than bullets
Its not even gats Im pulling, Im real but who yall fooling?
Dont bullsh** and say this generation aint creating future legends
Cause the kid on the mic right now was born in 97
90 f**ing 7

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 18:19