Yung Quant - WSB Anthem

Song Rating: 7.85/10

Song lyrics:

{intro: jerome powell}
Good afternoon
At the federal reserve, we are strongly committed to achieving the monetary policy goals that congress has given us
We have taken forceful actions to provide some relief in stability to ensure that the recovery will be as strong as possible
Since beginning the pandemic

{chorus: yung quant}
I got payrolls, lincolns, franklins, jacksons, grants and a whole lotta washingtons
I got pesos, rubles, sterlings, euros, rupees, won, and a whole lotta yen
I got v-bucks, p-slips, price tags, recеipts, tickets, fines, and a whole lotta bands
Got crеdit, debit, assets, patents, options, stocks and a whole lotta land
I got johnny, eliante, ap, vv, yea thats been on my wrist
Got notta thotta on me cause i aint got love but i sure got lots as a kid
Got ach transfers in my pockets bigger than my whole bank pin
Got exec, silho, ai, topcom, god, and a whole lotta life to live
{verse 1: yung quant}
I told jpow spy is dumping, where is the ink?
Go grab the hp and print (brrr)
They hate me cause i made some money
Off theta, vega, rho and all them fds they get (they get)
Got lotsa tendies, lotsa honey, bully barely, lets go hunting (kangu)
Tankers, tesla, mods are gayer, heres the dd

Thank me later (yea)
Got spy 350 calls right off of the stimulus check (yea)
Cant believe the market was red, bought calls and now ill never forget (leap)
Cant believe my rh stopped up swear i shoulda switched to tos (leaps)
Cant believe that boy got margin called i thought he was better than that (mr. iv)
Yea what happened?
Covid deals, man just made a milly off them covid pills (yea)
I was sleeping in a purple mattress
Your wife was chopping trees, she was lumberjackin (ll)
Bought tlt, i thought spy was dumping (yea)
Mms making moves and sv kept on talking (yea)
I put silver gld on my neck
We buying the dip more than warren buffet (more than warren buffet)

{bridge: jerome powell}
Today my colleagues on the federal open market committee and i made some important changes to our policy statement (brrr)
Including an update to our guidance for the likely path of our policy interest rate (brrr)

{outro: jerome powell}
Guided by our new statement
On longer run goals, monetary policy strategy that we announced a few weeks ago (brrr)
These changes clarify our strong commitment over a longer time horizon (yea)
Before describing todays policy actions, let me briefly review recent economic developments

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 17:32