Yo Gotti - p**y n***a

Song Rating: 7.23/10

Song lyrics:

[Hook: Woop] (2x)
I would never sleep on a p**y n***a
I would never eat with a p**y n***a
I woudnt do no dirt with a p**y n***a
Cause baby Im a f**ing p**y n***a k**er

[Verse 1: Woop]
My dog lost his life to a p**y n***a
How a p**y n***a k** a real n***a?
I guess that in my city aint nobody p**y
Cause all them p**y n***as seem to pack a pistol
And all these p**y n***as claim they bout they issue
Woop rule #1, hang with real n***as
I never been a talker thats just played out
100 rounds out of a drummer what we sprayed out
I would never let a n***a disrespect me no
n***as know I keep it 100 I dont sugar coat
If a n***a pull up on me crazy Imma let it go

Me and my n***as we professionals

[Hook: Woop] (2x)

[Verse 2: Yo Gotti]
It seem like once a month a p**y n***a on his period
And thats the reason i dont f** with n***as period
These n***as act like hoes they to indecisive
Gossiping a** n***as call these n***as trifling
Ill never leave my house without a pistol n***a
And I think every rap n***a is a p**y n***a
I aint a rapper Im a drug dealer
I do this for the k**ers and the thug n***as
Stop the beat let me talk to them acapella
He a p**y n***a if he acting jealous
Chase over hoes n***a man up
Its money to be made get ya bands up p**y

[Hook: Woop] (2x)

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