VI Seconds - k**ua (Epic Hunter x Hunter Rap)

Song Rating: 9.14/10

Song lyrics:

This is the story of a hunter by the name of Gon
And his quest to find his father is engraved in stone
And so he roams, throwing bows, exchanging blows
With known foes on the road, to make his goal
A reality
But for now Ill play the part
An enhancer, so my nen-type will tear you apart
Jajanken, so its all a game of chance
When facing off with I, and I take my stance
Rock, with a punch
Scissors, with a blade
Paper, with a blast
Or Ill change age with my rage
Whatever your preference
Just know that youll be giving in
Youll get various hooks, since Im a sk**ed fisherman
With a sweet tooth and a blood lust like k**ua
Pulling your strings like his yoyo
Is something Im not new to
A transmuter, so electric when Im writing
In other words; Im shocking
My bodies up one with lightning
My bars off the chain, so Im rivaling Kurapika
Leorio with a portal, I can punch through your speakers
Yall spitters more Hisoka, what youre about is just bubble gum
Youll get your Beans popped, for coming at me with cumbersome
Inefficient lyrics in your brew, ha-ha
Im eatin till my stomach big as Buhara
See, Im a greed island player
In a cut like Binolt
Hittin yall with a Biscuit
When I step, its high-volt
Bushidora disciplining these n***as
You with it or what

Like Cutie Beauty, sh**s about to get ugly as f**
Tough like Hanzo
Im on point like Illumis needles
My sight, will knock you to the heights of a Kite
Your moves are fetal
I was born hunting beast, you aint touching
Mine Hands swing freely, you never see my knuckles bine
Every melody I disperse is sublime
When I say Im the cut
I mean, Im Menchi with her knives
Blowing out smoke like Morel
Shots like Pokkle
Togari, when you see me is hostile
The anime rap god and Im holding out well
With a snap, I can wipe out the Zodiac Twelve
Every prisoner in Trick Tower, everyone who spit sour
The name is VI Seconds, but Ill beat you down for 6 hours
Sinked Whale Island, obliterate no Kukuroo Mountain
Every servant, family member and guard, will know about it
And thats something that youll never get past, bro
An a**hole, you cant duplicate, Im not Kastro
Sadaso, with one arm, Ill wreck Heavens arena
Turn your whole troops to phantoms
When Im handing out this ether
Is a rap like Bonolenov
The Ten Dons can blow me off
Shadow Beast, can hold my beat
Chimera ants, can [?]
From the soldiers, officers and those that take the squads to lead
Everybody in between, leading up to the queen
Im he, the reason you experience these things
Ive played the role as Gon
But truthfully Im Ging
Truth be told, refer to me as your king
Face the throne, Im home, feel free to kiss the ring

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 04:03