Trx - ROME-323

Song Rating: 8.57/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1 ROME-323]
Hey Little Mama
I know you going through a whole lot of drama
With that broken heart and all &
I just want to help you solve all your problems
You know, cause I sort of helped cause em
but thats another conversation
You leaving? What you saying
You was just so happy the other day man
I swear shes border line insane
Hurt her all the time she loves the pain
I know this may sound kind of strange
But Im off you
Darling there will be no f**ing part two
Im replacing you
Oops you thought you was irreplaceable but now a stand in chick stands in the place of you
Now I have nothing left to say to you

[Chorus ROME-323]
Goodbye, baby your time has expired
Goodbye, baby your blowing my high x3

[Verse 2 ROME-323]

See I really used to care but
I could feel it in the air that,
She aint really with this sh** &
She aint really bout her biz
She used to talk a lot of sh**
but never back it up so I stopped f**ing with her
You know the type
Real flaky
Claims that I broke her heart
So now she hate me but
Baby its one of those things I had to do for myself
Its not you its me
I know its common but see
I got to look out for me
My lifes moving to fast and I feel like your not up to speed
and by time you catch up to me
Ill be exactly where I want to be
The peak
The top
so now we gotta stop
Our time has run out on cupids clocks so


Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 18:22