Too Phat - Just a Lil Bit

Song Rating: 9.43/10

Song lyrics:

[Warren G]
You know what?
Play it back a little
Lemme hear what it sound like real quick
Thats how you do that
Back in Long Beach Warren?
Same ish?
[Warren G]
Same ish
Same ish

[Warren G]
Too Phat baby
East meets West collabo
Qumran (haha)
Yea Joe
Lets bang the chorus real quick
Lets make em remember this

Its kinda easy
When you listen to the G`d up sound
A little bit of hip-hop
Will make the world go round
We got the sound for the rest
And its easy to see
That this Too Phat and Warren G

[Verse 1: Joe Flizzow]
Hip-hop be connecting
Kuala Lumpur with LB
Hip-hop be rocking up towns
Laced with LV
Aint necessary to roll
In nice rimmed M3s
And be blinging
Hip-hop be bringing together emcees
Yall asking who that kid
With a flow thats sick
Its Flizzow
And whos Malique
On this Qumran tip
Now follow
We Too Phat
Hip-hop be running thru our veins
It gets us up in the morning
Hip-hop keeps me sane
Wherever you rapping
Its embraced across the globe
Its truly amazing
How it gives people hope
That beat is dope
Yall holla at the DJ
Hip-hop is staying up at night
To bid for kicks on e-bay
This should be off the hizee
Going make you move for shizze
Blow up spots
Getting crunk with Warren Gzee
Now best believe
KL got the world tuned in
Joe Flizzow with my elements
So let the party begin..

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse 2: Warren G]
From the General
Warren G`zee for shizzo
And thats the way love go
Its been a long time
I shouldnt have left you
Without a west coast rhyme to step to
You know how it go
When its real hip-hop
Kuala Lumpur dont stop
Long Beach wont stop on top
Keep them blocks so hot
From Malaysia
Back to my spot
Islamic in the form of 2Pac

I ride so deep
With Joe and Malique
We go together
Like a flow and a beat
And dont try to compete
With the Long Beach original
Back on the gizzo

(Just a little bit)

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse 3: Malique]
Wa**alam Warren
We thank you for the bit
Now the three of us together
Regulating this hit
We banging this hit
And making lil ends on the side
Another cla**ic joint now
Its time to ride
And spread love
Across this loony circle
Ride from boogie down to Bangalore
Its universal
Whether blue or purple
Black or white
Light brown
Its not about skin
But B-boy battles
Who outtwirls and outspins
Screaming (Go B-boy!)
While B-boys gets busy
In hip-hop whuttups hello
And for sure is for shizee
Du rags and corn rows
And kids with pants sagging
Shaking aerosol cans
While bombing and tagging
While DJ`s is crabbing
Scratching breaking styluses
Hooking beats and moving
More heads than hairstylists
Somebody better tell me
Where them bootleggers and pirates is
Should rush em all wit viruses
Or put em where Osiris is
I hear no promises
So till then
Yall see me bawling
Ill keep yall head bopping
And stay yes yes yallin
God bless
The four elements story is told
And heres a little bit of hip-hop
For your soul

[Chorus] - 3X

Lemme bust a couple of shout outs real quick
Too Phat Warren G
Thats real hip-hop
KL and LBC
Thats real hip-hop
All around the world
We bumping real hip-hop
G Funk and Phat Family
Thats real hip-hop
Yo Qumran in the house
Thats real hip-hop
Phillipines, Indonesia
Thats real hip-hop
Singapura, Hong Kong
Is real hip-hop
Korea, Japan yall
Thats real hip-hop
All around the world
Theres real hip-hop
Australia, Africa, Europe
Middle East baybeh
All bumping to real hip-hop
Ay check this out
Just a little bit (6x)

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 06:15