The Underground Crowns - Big College

Song Rating: 7.87/10

Song lyrics:

The Underground Crowns is back jack! Juan Gonzalez & Nalyd Ecitsuj arrive to bring you episode 57 of The Underground Crowns podcast on iTunes. *The nickname: Big College *The guys dissect a frog LIVE in studio *Nalyd gets hated on at lunch *Erin Lanigan update *The Underground Crowns breakdown the return of Angry Danny on The Coleman Way EP4 *The first time you discovered them dirty movies on purpose *Juan Takes the Corbin Manley pa**out test & MUCH MORE CALL IN LIVE @ 646-652-2085 & JOIN THE FUN FOLLOW @UGCROWNS to stay updated with the discussion FOLLOW @NalydEcitsuj & @Gonzalez1518 #UGC SUBSCRIBE TO US ON iTUNES!!! #UGC

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 03:49