T-Ross - Virtual Reality

Song Rating: 9.17/10

Song lyrics:


This is our broadcast number seven thousand and sixty five

First Verse:

Still sitting with me and my thoughts. Really my team is exhausted
Without freedom Im lost. Really liked being my boss
It seems Im needing an option. Choosing to sift and move in a rift
My views are adrift. Tried using a flip. Cruised in the whip. Now my shoe is my lift
Ponder me. I am a Quandary. An anomaly. Im a melodic being
Breathing a poem. Easing a moment. Breezing a flow, friend. Even although then
I was making trips and shining, riding down the avenue
Making chips and flipping mine and grinding how I had to do
Id been fine, floating. Getting High, Zoning
Now Im living in my zone and I aint tripping; Im coooastiing


Im coasting on a wave
I know its on the way
Hope its not far away
Cause Im floating., for another daayy


Second Verse:

You wanna find me, but youll find more luck with trying up
Im fly as f** and high as f** and plus I never gave a flying f**!
Im on a palpable altitude. Nirvana sculptable melting mood
Waters malleable, jellyfish move: Piranha: everything else is food
I Get high; stay fly like the red eye
I, tread sky, straight glide like Im Jedi
When Im virtually floating, virtue is a notion
Soaking in a moment, glowing: boating in an ocean


Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 06:57