Sumgii - SMFDB 2.616 BETA

Song Rating: 9.72/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: Milkavelli]
616 Gang
Im speedballing out of pure boredom
Im a free man, low down like we the four horsemen
Two litre, Imma pour four in
But that aint enough for me
I pour four more in
I eat big, you got a small portion
Youre all talking sh** but thats all talking
So put your money where your mouth is
I got the 18-carat grills
No George Foreman
Holy bible hollow with some sins in it
Tick tick, all of a sudden all of my ‘scripts finish
You know Im nice when my skin itches
Drug afflicted in this punk like Sid Vicious
So, girls, s** my s** pistol
Aint tryna hear about your friends issues
Stop acting soggy like a wet tissue
Cause I aint trying to f**ing french kiss you - sh**
You silly girl, dont take me for Curman
616 Im painting that Damien Hirst sh**
Im just tryna take an excursion
On my tally ship from kids that only right pledge if theyre virgins
B.O.B spreading like aids, thats for certain
You think Im weird? Well Im stranger in person
Alien version
You know the status, roll with skaters
Hold em razors thatll open your face like a curtain
It may be disturbing
Pain is love but its a no love thing and that pain will be hurtin
61-6 in the Mercedes, we swerving
Benzo boy like Im made by the Germans

[Hook x2]
Tick tick, tick tick boom!
Tick tick s** my f**ing dick b**h 2

[Verse 2: Trellion]
Yo, s** my f**ing dick b**h, part deux
s** my f**ing dick b**h, harder
Whyd you pull it out? You just started
Imma finish in your mouth b**h, regardless
Im swagging on ‘em like a second nature
Im stepping on ‘em like an escalator
Devil Gang, yeah, we stay sinnin
We got love for b**hes but we hate women (sike)
Every morning I commute to Bromley (why?)
Just to scoop your mumsy in a Gucci onesie (oh)
Being second best; they accuse me wrongly
Two words to describe the kid, stupid honkey
White boy getting money now

Its funny how now everybody wanna dumb it down (wow)
Ive been ignorant since infant school
And I aint changed one bit, now ignorance is cool?
Well Imma keep doing me, kiddo
For a sack of blue cheese and some free liquor (tellem)
Yeah I got three sisters (but what?)
But that aint gonna change how I treat b**hes
Disagree, you get sparked out
Got an ounce of coke, lets do half now
Amount of times I nearly died? sh**, I cant count
I might look like the Count but I cant count
My rap styles AIDS-ridden (the good type)
Im in the Range getting brain in it
Youre about to fly as a clay pigeon
Im the reason theres a plane missing (sorry)

[Hook x2]
Tick tick, tick tick boom!
Tick tick s** my f**ing dick b**h 2

[Verse 3: Lee Scott]
Took a posh bird to the crack spot
f** her long way, Im the man, what?
Live life like theres no dues left to pay
(I dont see nothing wrong) with a little meth and yay
Yeay, all me troubles went away, aye
When Im coming up its going down, like the Electric Brae
Stay scheming while youre daydreamin of a better day
Think of something dead clever, thats what I was meant to say
Im the opposite of precautious
Hunched over like osteoporosis when I wrote this
Stupid genius, it was struggle in six four mayne
I turn your wife material into a dick warmer
On the Old J for the whole day while you sip water
Im innocent like KoJey, no way
Smell of chicken lo mein cologne man
I set my white trash mullet back with propane
And chew a cigar like the Man with No Name
Towing a stolen car with a dookie-rope chain
In a busted truck running on booze and c**aine
Shameless, break us down and we on lane
There isnt a benefit I wont claim
Smash through on this money, dance on Soul Train
No pain, just gain
Who youre speaking to?
Im electrifying like a peoples elbow on a Pikachu
Aint not the same, me and you, Im on some other sh**
Loving the sh**
Your motherf**in mothers s**ing my dick

[Hook x2]
Tick tick, tick tick boom!
Tick tick, s** my f**in dick b**h 2

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