Sk**z - One MC, One DJ

Song Rating: 9.22/10

Song lyrics:

One two, one two
Id like to (what) introduce myself
You know who it is - its Sk**z
We, are, hip, hop
Uhh, uhh, lets go, cmon

Yo, they say Im too cocky when Im rappin
I say that I say what I say just so I can see they reaction
And my response when they askin - shut the f** up n***a!
I wrote your record, Im the reason you braggin
Yall dudes not thugs, you 8 deep in the Coupe
Thats not gangsta, thats a movin group hug
I can not be seen - I got a team
Thatll spit bars and leave SARS on your pap screen
If its the best then Im above it
To spit game sick trick, its no wonder yall love it
You aint even seen the best of it (nope)
Dont play witcha life n***a cause Ill add a -less at the end of it
Sell lives and yall lie to sell
Without lies, your whole album would be borin as hell
I dont fail, dimes I bag and bail
And I done ran through more checks than Frank Avedale

[Hook: Pete Rock]
Yo, this goes out to DJs and MCs
Unlock real hip-hop, Rock holds the key
Magnificent, Sk**z on the mic sound tight
Gotta, hit the stage then release the rage
New York to VA we crash the gate
Pete Rock and Mad Sk**z collaborate

Uhh, yo, yo
Cats, say I aint mad, but Im master menace
And yall dudes will not eat until we get finished

And when that happens its too late (uhh) cause after that
Imma snatch your meal and then break the plate
Im sick of hearin how yall spit it
Hit send after you say your verse n***a, cause I dont get it
Outflowin these pros is gettin old
Id swear I was in a marathon with some five-year-olds
Whats bad for yall, is that we wont stop
With that VA swingin that Mount Vernon knock
And when it hit the block its called instant heat
Aiyyo Pete we done stumbled on a masterpiece!
Its called One MC, and One DJ
Its a match made in heaven like Snoop and Dre
And we, here to stay so yall better get it right
We the future like LeBron, yall the past like Mike


Uhh, yo, yo
Now who you know that wanna f** with Sk**z?
You better rethink your answer n***a and get real
If you think you can outstick me then your boy Ill bet
Cause I aint met a motherf**er who can do that yet
Who came out - and put VA on the map (you)
Who still make jaws hit the floor when he rap
Yall better switch occupations..
Im the last n***a to spit acapella and get a standing ovation
On the real, who gon stop me?
Plus Im on MTV now, so I done got real cocky
On some rock star sh**, go it alone
Pick a rollin stone and I aint even holdin the chrome
Leave the soldier alone, huh - dont get mad at your chick
If you see my pic when you unfoldin her phone
On the real, yall know how Sk**z get down
He say what he feel and he dont give a f** whos around


Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 02:32