Sa-Roc - Darkside of the Moon

Song Rating: 7.83/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1]
[Is it safe] to come up from underground?
The land of white lies gives the truth the run-around
Deciphering my cipher
Read between the newspaper ink
Lean close and youll smell the carnage start to stink
Nothing remains real
They took the Solarman
Forces the legions
The trustees of stolen land
And now them white trails stay in my blue sky
This is my testimony
Raise up out the []
My name on blacklists because my black fist
Conjure up revolution, thought is the catalyst
This world rotating and the court is the axis
Meet me in the middle of the earth where its blackest
Three times as dark but lighting is immaculate
Your mind is somersaulting
Handsprings and backflips
Flow combustible, gasoline and red tip matchsticks
Paradigm shift
This rap thing just for practice

In the middle we stay calm
We just drop bombs
Mothership immaculate
Ride on candy chrome
Meet me at the gates
With your space helmets on
We gon break out this matrix and take bandit home

[Verse 2]
Have you heard?
We just made the most wanted
Its bigger than petty criminals charged with dope running
[Hate and] control chips discharged through vaccines

I told them the new world order was still coming
Another cold American winter so strap up
Them gold coins is high on the market, go stack up
They coming for my beautiful mind
My dutiful rhymes are dedicated to telling truth
The facts tough
I know that some were down with the glamour cause [grit hard]
It scrape off the skin and leave the wound raw
The tender [] only can handle but so much
Shock waves reverberate, leave their brains scarred
Desperate times breeding desperate little men
Clutching their plastic straws so the [people pull] em in
I been down them cowardly streets they dead end
And now I plan to take the high road so far in


[Verse 3]
They wage war
We war for higher wages
Running from the real like the germ is contagious
Eyes wide shut in the wild wild west
On our knees praying for the man in white to come save us
Mavis please get your Staples
Ill take you there if you ready and you able
Journey to the depths of your dome with your thoughts all alone
Till the day turns to night and the light switch turns on
Its the thinker vs. believer
Thinker questions everything, believer follows eager
Six million ways to die so what you live like
God-fearing out in the streets but what your crib like?
They say home is where the hatred is
I say that fear is where complacence lives
When the fear has gone past only I remain
And the last men to stand are the first to reign


Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 13:12