Psychic TV - I.C.Water

Song Rating: 8.73/10

Song lyrics:

And E see much more clearly everyday
And E sense E can see you play
And theres all-ways some truth
And theres all-ways something E should say
Theres all-ways coumone there to give me water everyday
Water E hear you say
Water E plead that you might stay
And every day, in every way
E can see you die
And E could never go away
And E could never tell you a lie
And E can see you scream and E can see you cry
And all the stories and all thee hate that all-ways coum to you

Water E hear you say
And E know
And E feel
What you say is far too real
And everything
And everwhere
And everything you say you care for
E need coum water
E am thee devils daughter
E am a lamb to thee slaughter
Water everyday (Water pouring down)
Water E year you say (Water on thee ground)
You tell me things and theyre things E should have known

Where your tears are NOW theyre not quite your OWN
And at night you lie in dreams you havent flown
And we spin in circles that look so blown
Water in thee ground

And my tears are tears and fears more like me
And thee S.M.I.L.E. that E S.M.I.L.E is not what E see
WATER, water everywhere
Water, water E know you care
And thee tears stream down from thee sky
Each tastes bitter
Thee salt ov asking why?
And your Words coum down and fall over me
Each one is Friend
And each one is thee rain
And each is thee sea
And words are so close theyre inside my heart
Falling, falling, falling,
Ripping me apart
Like water
Water E hear you say
Water everyday
Water E hear you say
On thee ground
What a strange sound
Wate, what a strange sound
Water, what a strange, strange sound

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 19:58