MC Wardy - Random MC

Song Rating: 7.59/10

Song lyrics:

This Bball lad is on a roll
U need ty face it ur on the dole
Do u even know why ye troll?
Ur u a rapper or a f**in chinese
When a MC, 100 degrees
Ur a rapper in the gaffer
Gon ty chippy fur friros way batter
Speakin ae, batter, ye cause laughter
To get a #50 u need ty go out n go after
Nutin ty u ty look afta
Im the best, mc and bball
Also u cant forget brawl
A hink u got aht doll
Now ets put u in the stall
I am on this Microphone
Ec is f**in screaming
Lights lit up like the blackpool ilumminations are beaming
Ur one to get steaming
You look lit f**in elvis
Now move oot eh way before a punch u at the pelvis
Now im gonny hit u with 20 sy/s
I think u need to get another life cuz urs is sinking
Drop to dat ocean, causing commotion
Later it will be ur cremation
U have been spotted by me u are now a dalmation

Still on eh mic , still causing defletion
Never less to talk about than devastation
Causing it right now, this is not an animation
About to do da transition
Im entering it with such high ambitions
Not a Magician
Not even close to a technician
Im a special edition
Iv got tactics, a tactition
Never a addition to a idiot clan
Im the best, u are childs play
I try hard, every single day
Hanging ot by da bay
Gettin dos gifts like it ma birth day
Look at u kid, u use the dog filter
U dont need it cuz u awredy a b**h
Hanging about the A48 at a ditch
But that is not all kid, u try put others down
U from riddre town
Just hink u need ta slow down
Litin up a need ta end dis
Actin cos i am in bliss
Up in dis, le oceanic abyss
Must end one time, guess a hiv to dismess
Nutin else ta say, gis bball boy is out

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 04:54