Matthew Marchesi - Man on a Mission

Song Rating: 9.62/10

Song lyrics:

Man on a mission
Man with a vision
Aye aye
No intermission
But Ive drifitn with the sauce
Just a man writing for the glory of God
Im a problem Professor Believer even when I never seen em
Ive been gunnin all the wordplay
Heads up seven up youve been sittin wit your head down
Soundin like Bad man cause you back and forth with some bounce But Im Batman get back with the wack
Before the beat just wacks
Welcome to the simulation
Lemme make a demonstration
Ive been grindin
Ive been patient
Now its time to make a statement
Demonstrating every placement
Ive been given by God
I dont do this for no label
I just do it for the kids yea
I got a team we all wit it with that Romans 1 sixteen
Now we bustin out the dreams

Turn the limits to some Zs
Squeezing lemons for that lemonade
Take a stand but we aint finna sell that juice aye
Lemme speed it up put ya back in your place
What I laugh in the face
Who drafted the game
The enemy ok well explains
He lied to himself
Soo they lie we can tell
They copy the comics and styles of artist
And spend millions to remake a remake
Of the cover that he just made
Im feelin pretty great
Just did a song wit Nate
Now to cook up cuz we need that hope music
I gotta dish to dish out
Soo I settle for these beats while I feast Simulation
Keep goin with the heat
We feelin it in the west and east just reppin the king!
On my Romans one sixteen
Yea, yea
Romans one sixteen
Hope music till I D-I-E

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 18:52