$ki Mask The Slump God - Young Vorhees

Song Rating: 7.83/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: $ki Mask The Slump God ]
Feel like Frozone where my super suit?
My wrist cold
I cant hold that b**h like sipping soup up outta po
Talking bout money better get right
Split Ya a** open like a f**ing Klondike
Then I hit em wit a (huh huh) Suge Knight
Then I climb on his b**h like mountain bike
Wrist piss
Thats that johnny Dang
Christmas, couple hoes up on my thang
Hit this thats, that good purp
Girl you icky Vicky
I dont want your germs

Young Voorhees Sippin porridge

Out of versace bowls like a lord b**h
When Im in the p**y I got courage
Thats why she ask for my hand in marriage(X2)

[Verse2: $ki Mask The Slump God]
Pimp named slick back b**h back back
You need a tic tac, smell like quarterback
Y-3 flip flops whered you get that at
There those Barbarian Leopard skin mat
p**y stay chasing me like Tom the cat
VR Allstarz
Pa** it pa** it back
Xtentacion playing wit them racks
Lil Llร ri want a rarri
Matt f**ing sclat (skrrt skrrt skrrt)

[Hook] ร—2

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