Junot Díaz - Excerpt from Drown Boyfriend (113-115)

Song Rating: 7.86/10

Song lyrics:

Difference was, we never talked the way these two would. Wed lay there and listen to the world outside, to the loud boys, the cars, the pigeons. Back then I didnt have a clue what she was thinking but now I know what to pencil into all those empty thought bubbles. Escape. Escape.


But love teaches you. Clears your head of any rules. Lorettas new boy was Italian, worked on Wall Street. When she told me about him were were still going out. We were on the Promenade and she said to me, I like him. Hes a hard worker.

No amount of heart-leather could stop something like that from hurting.

After one of their showers, Boyfriend never came back. No phone calls, no nothing. She called a lot of her friends, ones she hadnt spoken to in the longest. I survived through my boys; I didnt have to call out for help. It was easy for them to say, Forget her sellout a**. Thats not the sort of woman you need. Look how light you are--no doubt she was already shopping for the lightest.

Girlfriend spent her time crying, either in the bathroom or in front of the TV. I spent my time listening and calling for a job. Or smoking or drinking. A bottle of rum and two sixes of Presidente a week.

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