Janet Jackson - Whats Ur Name

Song Rating: 8.15/10

Song lyrics:

Hold up
Slow it down
I can see you new in town
Cuz Id never
Forget you face
That smile you wear
Is amazin
Just wanna know
Where you headed
I could roll
Wit you baby
Make some room
In your life
I dont wanna take up time
So baby whats your name

Whats your name babe
Do you live around here
Cuz I aint never seen you before
But I wanna see you some more
Whats you name babe
Put it right in my Sidekick
And Ill hit you back
Soon as I get home

Ill put you in
My favorites
The swag you got
Left a print
In my mind
As time goes by
All I can think of is you
Why you gotta be so fly
Wish I could see you again
Got me walkin round
Lookin for you
Im trippin
Damn what you do to me
Cant believe how you got me and
I dont even know your name

Your not some random guy
I cant let this moment pa** me by
I gotta do what I gotta do
Take advantage
Make the first move
Cuz I dont wanna have to regret it
I just wanna know your name

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 16:30