Jamie xx - I Know Theres Gonna Be (Good Times)

Song Rating: 7.11/10

Song lyrics:

(Turn me up)
Good times, good times
Theres gonna be good times, good times
I know theres gonna be...
Good times, turn up a little more, slime mob
Got Actavis in this b**h with me
Hey he runnin up all the money

I know theres good times, theres gonna be good times
Theres gonna be good times, theres gonna be good...

[Verse 1]
Ima ride in that p**y like a stroller
Ill survive in a mothaf**in gutter
Thats my mothaf**in ward, that that Magnolia
And Im comin red like Coke-Cola
Ima have a very good time
I swear to God I cant never sound like lil shorty
She say she likes all of her n***as rhymes
Where is my phone? That p**y callin
I want you to pa** it to Thugger Thugger
Even in the summer time, lil shawty, cut her
I swear to God [?]
Baby girl sit it down, you not known like an usher
I told lil mama I dont bite but my teeth do
I wanna control you like voodoo
Im steady screaming free Unfunk and DuLu
Every time I have a good time you do too
Every time I see you, aye, you see me

[Hook] x2

Bang bang, I do this sh** forreal, you did what Im sayin? I say what I dig, you know, bro? And therefore...

[Verse 2]
Good times, theres gon be some good times
Remember we used to pull up and let em fight? Thats that hood time
Remember when I used to grab on that a** when it was that wood time?
Yeah if that b**h walk up trippin she get that mush time
I dont waste time, I dont waste time
I dont have patience, baby
She gon get on top of this dick
And she gon squish it like squish and go fast, she Speed Racer
We gon ball, Walter Payton
She my boss like Im [?]
Come here bae, Ima listen
I let her write me my suggestions
Pop quiz, its a pop quiz
All my money comin clean, you cant pop this
She got that p**y locked up like locksmith
Watch her come to my lights like a reindeer
Me and papi on the same pills
My diamonds could never stand still
Where you goin? Can you come here?
Ill always take you back for your s** appeal
Every time I see your face, bae its a...

[Hook] x2

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