Impiety - Wardaemonic Overk**

Song Rating: 7.21/10

Song lyrics:

Wage war!
Battalions forged in blackest hate
The casting of demonic baphospells
By the warlords of blackest d**h!

Bestial cruelty and wrath unfolds, the sign for the k** has arrived
Legions march and storm with fury, the law of the saw a sworn allegiance
Under shrouds of smoldering blasphemy, wardemons sound their charge
From horn to horn and razor jawss, they feast proud on the enemies demise
Satanized... satanized

An undertaken oath for a triumph of hate, a triumph of d**h
Erupted vengeance
Purged from hell!
Grimmest wars well fight to our d**hs
As long as the cunts alive
Conquerors of fire and power
Undamnating purity

Butchering the flock of christ
Malevolent exterminators

Wardaemonic overk**
The carnage has long begun
Wardaemonic overk**
Creators of hate shall triumph
Ravaged by jagged blades of steel
Revenge an art so fine
Hacking, carving, slaying at will
Diseased carrions are mine
An endless heinous ma**acre
Baptizing horizons in blood
Sempiternal blissful onslaught
In hatred I abhorrrently smile

Eradicate the enemy, take aim and commence.. strike
Weapons of blasphemous combat, engage in eternal fight
Horned sentinals of Satan celebrate immolation rites by night
Bring on the kaos, embrace all hatred with might
Imminent call for decimation
Cruel visions of d**h... by power!

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 00:04