Hellyeah - WM Free

Song Rating: 8.18/10

Song lyrics:

Ive always been the outcast. I wasnt built to conform
My defense is darkness to build the walls,
that keep me seperated from the norm
Pin the target on my back,
poverty dictates the way.
Condemned to die for diverse belief,
bible belt slapped across my face.
Ill be the gift, Ill be the martyr,for you all.
Another man, misunderstood, the nailed onto a cross.

Time, trick or a lie? The past is just a memory,
the future just a booking to die.
Free, truth or philosophy? 18 years of stolen now
from me, finally, West Memphis free!

So I listen to Metallica, so I listen to Slayer,
That doesnt make me a predator,

just your escape goat k**er.
So I dress in black,
turned on by things youd never understand.
Cast your stones and stand against
everything your gods spoken.

And Ill be the gift, Ill be the martyr, to you all,
Just another man misunderstood, crucified for your loss.

The only similarity, between all of you and me,
would be absolutely nothing.

You took it all away, for no f**in reason,
you made it look so easy, and justice fails again.
You cost me everything, for what f**ing reason
you never questioned.
The guilt you put on my. Lost freedom.

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 11:00