Hafiz - Ghazal 148, Epiphany

Song Rating: 8.36/10

Song lyrics:

The eve of time, a ray of your
beauty breathed epiphany forth,
Then Love revealed itself, and cast
down flame that razed all things of earth.
Your face revealed itself, saw Angels
did not have love, then lost control
With smitten honor and became
a raging fire that struck Mans soul.
From that loves flame did Reason wish
to light its lamp. A lightening bolt
Of jealous wrath flashed forth and left
the world in havoc and revolt.
The poseur tried to see the scene
of mystery unveiled. The long

Hand of the Unseen lashed and smashed
him back to where that sort belong.
Others in fortunes lottery
won luxuries that satiate,
My grief-spent heart alone got more
grief for its love by lots of fate.
The higher soul that thirsted for
the well in your dimples recess
Reached down to lay a hand amid
those tangled locks with a caress.
The day that Hafiz wrote his book
The Joy of Love for you, his pen
Crossed out each way by which a heart
could ever know delight again.

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 08:53