GQ - 1&9

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Song lyrics:

This one right here
1 & 9

[Verse 1:] [Cappadonna]
Hate to see my brothers minds go dimes blow
Shines glow
No swine no pork
Every thought
Streets talk
Beats talk
East court
Knock your [?] off
Night cellular
Million dollar selling
I score cheddar up
Hard work betta us
[?] tracks
I speak facts
Homies you cheap acts
n***a Im G cats cars, money, microphones
Hundreds I keep that
Holding my fort down
My fort sports that east pack
Allow meats
n***a we eat that
Study work hard make it out
Then we reach back
Monumental love
Continental wishes
Making d**h wishes
Hood n***as roll out
Dimes and ghetto b**hes
Drug money riches
That had good n***as be snitches
Now wait a minute
My gun [?]
It could never be finished
I been in it since the beginning
X amount of free p**y
Free weed, free bombs, free business
For all the hell we been through
n***a this is for the sinners
Its my word
Me and Shaeine an dem
Everybody do what they do
Lets take money, take paper man
Shine on, shine on
It dont even matter yo
We up the ladder on the reservation man
This is how we do
Shine talk, new talk, new walk
What you goin do n***a
This is how we off the boardwalk
All of ma n***as that getting that paper
Keep getting that paper

[Verse 2:] [Unique]
Hold up, hold up
I got something to say
Something to spray
Games on if you get in my way
Black gloves in the back
With the 9 in the tray
Lay you down
All you hear is the sound
See the guard, see the ta**le
Yeah Im sporting a crown
Look around at my cypher
Get torched around
Im one different from the rest
Spitting with the tech
Blood leaking from your chest (lets go)
Surely aint one to test
I rest
You at peace
Leave a crease in the beat
Sumin for the street
Knowledge on
You know the theme of this song
Real minds
I talk mines
Thats how we all stand strong

[Verse 3:] [GQ]
You put in the couch
I got better plans

But I gotta watch my back
For black vans and pelligrins
Rap fans instead of [?]
Half chance to get it ram
Past friends
And the white chicks
Still saving the last dance
Two steps ahead of you
Ready for all the drama
Talk so heavy [?]
Of yo medical marijuana
Im shredding you in the biz
On some presidential sh**
Crash surrender will show you the meaning
Of what reckless is
You cant do it all on your own
You got a betta chance
Ryna to pull a sword out of stone
You got a betta chance
Stocking goods to board up your home
Cause im callin it home
And blow up the mall with a drone
Of cause in the zone
Wildin like im violent in a foster home
Toss your bones in a bottomless pit
Or for them organ donors
Offer loan your heart is stone
Starting over in some parts unknown
That will rip you apart
Swim the sharks and get your cartilage torn

[Verse 4:] [Don Shae]
Im like a new baby guerilla
Thats born in the wild
Brains spillin on the 5th
Got you snorting on tile
Trained k**er
Got a few in the coroners now
Easy to k**
And got me bent
When im recording my sound
Yeah, im from the borough of shaolin
Where the thoroughest n***as is found in
[?] n***as get pound in
Empty the clip
Throw another round in
Then jump in the black benz with surround sound in
My flows so deep n***as could drown in it
Adjacent to crystal lake
And sticking them clowns in it
Get stripped down in it
Exchange shots if you down with in
Between shots filled with browns [?]
Got the bank with the mounts in it
Five grand, this is my last roll
Then imma bounce, dig it
Platinum bridge in his mouth
With diamonds mount in it
Cause theres a lot of zeros in my accounts [?]
Filthy f** boys hanging on [?] again
Cause I shoot bullets you cant block
Like adrian peterson
You dont wanna see shae on these streets again
Cause the sk sleep again
Gotta call in da and police again
I got too many guns for one person
Main street or back block
Catch it my guns bursting
You can catch me
Smack dab on the strip
Guns like calisthenics
Burn your abs with the fifths
So everytime you see me
The big mags on my hip
Fully loaded clips
For all you fags on my dick
And I shoot it sideways
Like bruce willis on his last flick
So move easy
And 9 [?] are blasting
You wont last in the streets
And when it get cold
I turn it up
With the flash from the heat
Low ba** settle deep
So go ahead and play with it
Turn your face into tomato sauce
When the tray hit it

Can you dig it [x3]

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