Gospel - At Times Like These

Song Rating: 8.27/10

Song lyrics:

Ive been lone-ly and have felt many doubts.
After some of my friends let me down.
I know how it feels when all hope is gone.
And you dont feel that you can go on.

I think in life theres things we must learn.
And our heartaches show us where to turn.
Howd we know when weve won the game,
If we didnt have hurtin, and pain.

I think the reason we all have our knees,
Is so we can pray at times like these,
I think God is watchin us from above.
At the times that were needin love,

Im glad to say that my bad times are gone,
That lovin God helps me carry on.
Ive had my tears, and conquered my fears,
Im got a good life, my mind is clear.

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 21:15