Front 242 - GVDT

Song Rating: 8.85/10

Song lyrics:

Where did you go?
I need to know
You always walk away
Though Id like to stay

The place wed meet
A distant street
And now I walk alone in vain
Wondering if youre still the same

I havent found G.V.D.T. yet
I only spoke with him on the phone
I havent found G.V.D.T. yet

I even dont remember why Ive got to meet him
I havent found G.V.D.T. yet
Its an affair I will never forgat

Whats wrong?

Corners I turn
Pictures I burn
I look over my shoulder
To the man who grows older
So will I find?
This search is blind
As I who cannot see
As you can run free

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 12:26