Fatin - Kung Fu Practice

Song Rating: 7.14/10

Song lyrics:

[Produced by Fatin]

[Verse 1: Sean Boog]
I go above and beyond the call of duty
This is not a movie, not a game, this is all Sean truly
If Im not out here tryna make the ends tuck
Then Im making sure my soldiers on the ends sharp
Cuz when the ends is gettin sharp its something like break
Father Shannon shocked we hittin 7s all night, p
Life is like a crap shoot, gotta keep your wits about you
Cuz this sh** will quickly come around and try to different route you
Might crack a smile, but she said she couldnt find it
She like, what about the smile? I said I am smiling
And yes, I am wilin, violent when I gotta be
A cool muthaf**a actually prefer not to be violent
Actions speak louder so Im silent
They say Im hidin, nah man Im plottin
People say what they say and do what they gon do
Just dont disturb me when Im practicin my kung fu

[Hook: Sean Boog]
I try to tell em, Watch out the team is coming through
They wouldnt listen when we spoke, that sh** is nothing new
Mic check or one two, they lookin f**in foolish
Just dont disturb me when Im practicin my kung fu
Make way, give me vroom everybody move
Make way, give me vroom everybody move
People say what they say and do what they do
Just dont disturb me when Im practicin my kung fu

[Verse 2: GQ]
Lonely on my island, surrounded by the agua
The Aquafina construct, my flow most important
Them water like properties, liquid, I will drown you f**s
Bruce Lee philosophy for the nunchucks, you numbnuts
Box em up, hybrid

Wolverine scars up on my torso, game of d**h
More so the livest that will k** it
I apologize, striving for perfection
Blaxpoitation is that best sh**, 10 son
Fend for yourself stunna, pressure points I got you
Drop you, stop you in your tracks, two fingers to the neck
Better respect how we move, is that GQ doe
Show and prove, new moves for the crews
Move back, tracks for the h**n
Poke, poke, the h**ne with back strokes
Black Dynamite, you hoes blow me
That candlestick wick, JAMLA still the clique
Drop that hammer when I spit, get a grip
Now youre carving, kid


[Verse 3: Sundown]
Diamond in the back, sunroof, Im in supreme form
Honey Bee diggin em, pimpin em like Cream Corn
No wallet, out of pocket like a lost picture
Wouldnt listen, now they pumpin me like car stickers
Women see em freeze up like when the law in her
Ma** a front all n***as, Texas speed malt liquor
Mackin site appetite like I aint had enough to eat
Black Dynamite, Im growing TF on Puppet Street
JAMLA until they put me in a canister
Flash line high as 57 pa**engers
Peeped her on 1, you magnify clones
Silly n***as they aint kickin, they just Dragon Fly Jones
Got potential for life, cla** of my own
Happy to see me leave but now they mad that Im gone
Packed with more action than a bird be
Practicin my kung fu, please dont disturb me


Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 10:08