Euroz - Azkaban

Song Rating: 9.69/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1]

Not a hole in my skin, not a hole in my story
But I did find my way in a hole upstate
They like hold up wait
The way I get these bars off my chest youd of thought a n***a hold up weight
Round table sh** hold the bread like the Last Supper
Came a long way from them cold cut days
Now my dough up sitting in the 4 with the door up
With a bad b**h and she roll up haze
If you ask me these rap n***as so upstaged
He hasnt had a dad he finna blow up the stage

As soon as you get high these n***as throw up shade
Yeah, I did it first no lines I aint [?] those
GP with the D the way she claim them clothes
Young Hugh Heff like Im dating 10 hoes
I dont do sim sh** over relationship goals
n***a never leave home you can pay the [?]
Nobody safe like I payed the umpire
Been k**ing n***as yall only slaying sometimes
When your last side sh** n***as spend some time
Tell your story like who could relate
Counting new 100s till you n***as blue in the face
Jot it on paper and thats what I make
They say Im running out of room in the safe

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 09:00