DJ Mike T - 8 Iz Enough

Song Rating: 8.76/10

Song lyrics:

Get ready for the apocalypse
Because a n***a know he cant stop this
And fool had to figure, when my tongue is the trigger
Now a piece in my mouth is releasing buckshots
No escaping because perpetrators get smoothed popped
So raise the f** up cause the Eiht is gonna hit you
With another gangsta lick
But not a rap about a b**h
Or a ho, or a ho with no kinda guts
Who gives a f** what your saying so get these nuts. Geah
Its the n***a that you cannot bite, no
Thick like steel, you cant k** the Compton psycho
Here to woof a little sh** about your punk a**
Get the cash, make a 100 yard f**ing dash
But I aint through, gonna take your a** up
St. Ides brew as I wait for you in the cut
I guess Im starting to see your tired of me
Its tough, n***a say Eiht is enough
Damn, watch the Eiht go very deeply
I dont think that your f**ed up style could taunt thee
Ill f** that a**, take your cash
And this n***a keeps on sticking till you just cant last
Geah, I need the money so f** the dumb sh**
And the hell with being legit, so watch out for the hit
You cant juice this, it would be useless to try this
Down your man like a can of St. Ides
And right then I start to kick
And better hope the Eiht dont get too sick

Cause if I cough, I wont stop, Ill keep bussing
Ill just pause and take a spoon of Robotusin
And take this shoe in a size ten in a half
Put it in your a** cause your making me laugh
Geah, and I deal with bustas like a duster
n***a say Eiht is enough-ah
Mmm, one more for the f**ing road
8 seconds to get out before I explode
Boom and that spells doom for your crew G
n***as cant fade the Eiht and the Mike T
b**hes cant fade us neither
Always learn to get burned by a heater
Mutherf**ers need to come to they senses
f** with the Eiht and suffer the consequences
Saps always do the mutherf**ing bragging
Fools couldnt light my blunt with a dragon
And to the b**hes that got no clout
Bring a shovel so the Eiht can dig you out
Geah, Ill put a hurting to you punk s**ers
You cant gank me fool, unh uh f**er
Its the n***a from the free wheel prison
Compton Compton n***a, thats how Im living
And if you f** with that Ill call your bluff
But dont forget motherf**er, Eiht is enough

Geah, back for the motherf**ing nine deuce
Putting my foot in your a** just a little bit
And you know I cant quit, so fade this sh**. Fool..

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 07:37