Dag - Worldspinning

Song Rating: 7.69/10

Song lyrics:

I barely lived today
It isnt fair
I barely live the day to the night
I lost my hope today
It isnt fair
That I dont live or die
I walk alone at night
My worried mind
Will k** me if I think very long
But I feel this world
In final evil days
I guess that God wasnt wrong
I can feel the worldspinning
I can feel that somethings going wrong
I can feel the worldspinning
And Im afraid it wont be very long

Im the devils prey
And I can see
The devil has his way with a man
The end is gonna be bad bad bad
Ive gotta quit while I can
Winter turned too cold
The summer burned
And the country died
The people didnt care
Just as long
As their TVs worked alright
I can live, I can choose,
I get naked with the muse
I can change, I can fly, I can reach a natural high
I get marked, I can jam, I can try to give a damn
I can play, I can lay on a system in decay
I get cool, I could show you but it probably doesnt matter

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 20:06