Coal Cash - VR (Robots)

Song Rating: 8.52/10

Song lyrics:

(f**ing robots, virtual robots)
Yeah f**ing virtual realities
Living in fantasy land (repping robots)

My path grew too exceptional for pseudo-intellectual
My crew the a**a**in if the trash been collectible
Incredible pa**ion for bashing the sh** you make
Ill split your face, youre done son, capitulate
Manipulate the mind state when I rape the beat
Eat face, speak hate, make um take it deep
I keep faith but embrace for the worst of luck
Lifes a b**h now she switched to a thirsty slut
Youre all f**ed cuz youre stuck on a station
Communicating wave for no face conjugation
This great nation and life is never black and white
So we adapt, its a fact most all act alike
Nice hat, whered you get the fitted dunce cap
Latched to your front but youre leaking from your cunt flap
So run that to the bank hope you make a mil
Youre still a loser with computers tryna fake a sk**

Virtual reality, commercial mentality
Fallacy virtue reverse solidarity
Apparently curfew dispersed you from protest
A grotesque salary for charities of no rest

Aint afraid of d**h, soul greater than the cage of flesh
Express flavor in the labor on wayward steps
I rep Jรคger, annihilating gator sharks
Spark creator with ?? saviors that are razor sharp

Im Darth Vader choke a major with his best bars
Vaporizing haters like a laser from the d**h Star
Press hard for every yard that we tryna gain
Insane squad ???? is a homage claim
The times have changed in frames for the wackness
Grab ???? a mattress, put your practice back to bed
A dead atlas, ?? to human worth
And no solution for pollutions that are ruining the earth
Who could burst what Im daily on
My genre hails me, k** sh** like Israeli bombs
Im really on but beyond what you paramount
A ?? barons looking up to me while Im starring down


Deaden the herbs Im ahead of the curb
Prefer verbal weapons thatll threaten your words
Im repping a purge of an absurd state of lunacy
With unity gone its time to bring on the mutiny
Im usually calm but its beyond a state of frantic pace
I ace the gambit, short handed in a land of fakes
A faith granted, abandoned the majesty
Vanity rampant we expand with insanity
No family we ?? off humanity
Free of the soul lock became robots gradually
How to be down to contend in the viewing lens
Of friends pursuing, renewing their approving trends
Pretend youre doing average sh** on social media
Sitting in your pjs hoping theyll believe in ya
But where they leading ya and deceiving ya with spoiling dreams
Team it with snake oil, hope you like the Soylent Green

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 23:57