Ca**idy - Body b**h

Song Rating: 8.29/10

Song lyrics:

[Hook – Ca**idy]
b**h I jump on beats and body sh**, I body sh**
I f** an ugly b**h, her body thick, her body thick
Homo, Ill let you and the tommy kiss, the tommy kiss
Dont make me cross you off my body list, my body list
You f** with us, I catch a body b**h, a body b**h
You try your luck, I catch a body b**h, a body b**h
Dont give a f**, I catch a body b**h, a body b**h
I catch the dutch then catch a body b**h, a body b**h

[Verse 1 – Chubby Jag]
You aint heard I keep the Smith around, n***as flipping pounds
Tryna ride but you gon hit the ground, leave you missing clown
I got hella n***as tripping now cause n***as chipping now
Get you wet then make you b**hes drown, like Im fishing now
Hustler got me on my chicken now, in the kitchen now
Flow so coke they think Im sniffing now, think Im whipping now
I got all these b**hes stripping now, groupies wishing now
On my grind it aint no sitting down, aint no switching now
My big bro just made em 250 Im on a mission now
Wear that crown because its fitting now, catch you slipping now
Used to hate, I bet they listen now, clock is ticking now
Battle rappers mad, they dissing now, cats is hissing now
In the field, look like Im pitching now
Hands is itching now
Tell that ho that Im on point tonight, I got my fencing down
Push that rock, Im like a Piston now, fiends is sticking round
Move that weight, they think Im lifting now
My muscle ripping out, spitting now
I catch a body b**h, mister body sh**
Shotty spit and make this body lift, 2 shots his body split
If Im Shaquille, Cortez is Vadi b**h
Tell em stop me b**h, watch your mouth or sh** get sloppy b**h
Catch a body quick, body b**h


[Verse 2 - Ca**idy]
Its C A double dollar sign, I got to grind
I started from the bottom, bottom line
Dont get out of line
My trigger finger need some [?]
This 50 cal of mine, will remind you cats of Columbine
Get shot a lot of times, a lot of times
My mind set, is complex
Im on the grind so I aint tryna rest
Im tryna sign checks
I been the bird man since you was s**ing on your moms breasts
Playing with the heat and I dont mean that team Lebron left
Im the clouds cause I hit that loud and take a big breath
Imma never pa** a piss test, I make them bricks stretch
So many bullet hoes from this tec, your shirt look fish net
When I shoot ya, Im your present, past, and future, Christmas
I know some little dudes still in middle school that aint got sh** to lose
You piss em off they let that pistol off, they think that sh** is cool
Its not a joke, I got to smoke
Im stressed, if I aint had no pot to smoke I wouldve got a stroke
Yall forgot Im dope, I got to spaz, body bags
Im the truth, I take a polygraph, you too cocky Ca**
Cause my cocky a** deserve to be, I do it purposely
Im not a copycat that copies cats, that sh** is perjury
You still could rap then why you stealing raps? That sh** is burglary
You a burglar, you get murdered, first second and third degree
That sh** disturbing me, why would you hate on me and Chub raps
Thats hard to understand like the words to a Young Thug rap


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