Boogey - Blah Blah From The Sky People

Song Rating: 7.53/10

Song lyrics:

Verse 1:

Hi. Greetings from a rocket in the sky
Little green chicks wanna hop into the ride
Rocking with a guy who is superior, it is clear
Go go gadget penis, make your period disappear
Im a creature with features that drop jaws
f** the underground, im reaching the top floor
Need me to knock? Naw
Breaching the locks.. and im not sure the oestrogen thats Leaking is not yours


You can try me, im just a dude..
.. thats highly combustible
Nothing like em other guys that you might be accustomed to
I could show up in hell with more fire than hell and have a demon say you a show off thats why we dont f** with you
But none of you muthaf**as see what I see, you need to go get your third eye readjusted fool

I bring word from the sky people.. up in heaven and wishing that I teach you
Anybody defying the eye in the sky will sleep with the fishes, enemies wanna try sea food
I spit the scripture
God made you in his image and the devil only wanna split the picture
Fight with him, he made your life a gym. The burden is heavy and nobody wanna lift it with ya
The load you carry giving you muscle tear
Im rushing there..
.. so when he gets you ripped, I stitch ya
I got life on speed dial and im like hey somebody told me you a b**h, I getcha
I really wanna flick the clit with a smile on my face and maybe imma let you sit and lick ya

Lesson in s**..
.. from Messenger x with 2 more Xs and next..
.. imma show you kids what to do whenever you the Pressing the breaa..
I love women but if I ever gotta save another hoe in distress im at best..
.. a farmer with a S on his chest

Verse 2:

Anybody competing, I beat him. I been dreaming about the D day
Choke em and smoke em, he spoke what you wanna hear me say
Spoke and my vocal hit you and you put it on replay
Doper than coke in the icing inside of a weed cake

I speak parables
The way that they teach, terrible
Not all people holding books are smart
They only look the part
Its mud and dirt presented as sweet caramel
No eating, put your feet in. You never keeping a neat pair of boots
I am the, i am the one that they gotta follow
You claiming you the shepherd but the sheep scared of you
You aim to maim
I aim to make the minds elevate till their parachutes need parachutes

I am the one, I am the, I am the one, n***a I am the I am the one
Who am I on the run?
They dont want me to teach you to try and become..
..a member of the chosen to crack the codes
They want you to leave the chapter closed..
.. but heres what you have to know, i got blah blah blah..

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 19:23