Big Quis - Rich n***a Nation

Song Rating: 8.78/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: Dre]
I used to be broke b**hes used to call me ugly
Now the same hoes on my dick wanna lust me
Haters wanna bust me, cops wanna lock me
Prosecutors tryna give me times tryna box me
Rich n***a nation
Money for the cases
b**h Im Gucci want just 600 for these laces
Avion cases tryna chase a mil
Stack it up, feed the fam, gotta keep it real
n***as had skrill, then they fell off
Riding in the Charger RT with sauce
Loft downtown, you can see Canada
n***as be hurt but they really cant handle us
Had to step it up, took it to a new level
Had to cop a new piece, Pay copped a new bezel
Had to step it up, b**h Im on the winning team
All I blow is Cali weed ashes on my Bally sneaks

[Hook: Payroll Giovanni]
Half these n***as faking
The other half hating
You know the background lil n***a stop playing
Black whips flying through the slums like we racing
Ice got us numb we the rich n***a nation

All I ever wanted growing up was to ball
I dont want a little bit when I can grind and get it all

[Verse 2: HBK & *Crispy Quis*]
My money tall as your [?]
I take your b**h if she s**y b**h dont step on my Giuseppes gold zippers they match the Prezy
*20 thou on my belly its Pelly Pellies with Minks
Throwing money it speaks Im addicted I need a shrink*
You want a drink? b**h there the sink Gucci links right round my neck if you play round with this art then Im drawn without the sketch
*This whip Im driving a Vette and this b**h Im with is a trophy my belt and shoes made by Gucci I got more ice than a goalie*
Most of these n***as bums aint even seen the new huns
*Been balling since we was young this winning sh** is so fun
Kush inside of my lungs Dom P inside of my bottle*
Switching up with two models yall cuffing like Farregamo
Paper thick like a novel
All these diamonds they glittery all these b**hes they feeling me n***as wanna get rid of me

*This history in the making*
These other n***as they faking
[Both]We the greatest out Detroit, ball up rich n***a nation


Its like I dont be understanding how they can compare us to anybody
Doughboyz Cashout, last of a dying breed
One of a kind itll never be another one
(Talk that sh**)

[Verse 3: Payroll Giovanni]
In the 6 with my b**h pockets thick like I sold two bricks
Got 3 watches now Im so pissed
Wishing I had just one more wrist sipping on Cris
Me and B Smith, trunk got a strong a** scent
See yall broke see we getting rich
Blow whole kids now her man got a fit
My outfit cost some sh** but its nothing to me
She call it one night of pa**ion it was f**ing to me
I sign my clique it aint a n***a breathing f**ing with me
You think different? I aint tripping, cause soon youll see
Hit the club order bottles n***as mugging the sparkles
Hoes hate on us to you but in the coupe tryna gargle
When the light hit the ice the gold diggers look startled
Same Rollies different faces, we the rich n***a nation

[Verse 4: Roc]
I just knew in due time, everything was gon be fine
These streets mine
I run em with a Glock 9 boy stop lying
Catch you slipping at a stop sign and pop mines
Somebody tell his mama to stop crying
Its gon be ok we just gotta hold on
We keep balling and life goes on
I used to get them balls gone but wait a minute hold on we Frozone
Part of the reason your hoe gone the mo on my blow phone
Begging I cant go home my life been kinda complicated
Boy we been sh** you little n***as constipated
Everywhere the mob go, theres always a n***a hating
Ball up against the world, rich n***a nation


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