Ar-Ab - Hard In Da Paint

Song Rating: 8.72/10

Song lyrics:

[Intro: Meek Mill]
Ay Rug
See these n***as already know what it is with me
I go hard in the paint
We aint even got to talk about that
Philly in this b**h, heard that

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
Rollie on my wrist brighter than my future is
Shorty standing there a** fatter than Rasputia is
I play for the dream team, hang out with the coolest kids
Watch out for my Louie belt cause thats right where my Ruger is
I go hard in the muthaf**in paint n***a
Leave you stankin n***a, what the f** you thinkin n***a?
Five presidents on that presidential Lincoln n***a
Gold presidential out the window middle finger n***a
f** em all thats how I feel
sh**ting on these n***as without a deal
My money right Im super strapped
Talking all that hammer sh** where your toolie at
Ask around the town we be doing that
All that white and sour diesel we be moving that
Thats word to my thirty-six Os
Im still the same n***a with the thirty-six flow
In thirty days Im trying to f** thirty rich hoes
Ill still be spitting that flamerz like thirty-six stoves, woah
North side til the d**h of me, definitely
Camero with the black stripe, referee preferably
I be feeling myself and I aint on no Ecstasy
But the groupies is and you can tell by how they molested me
She gon s** my dick, she gon s** it too
She gon f** Omelly, and she gon f** the crew
Now she f** with me, she dont f** with you
And thats crazy dawg you know that was your f**ing boo
Thats the reason why you hating
Let the streets say what they want because Im caking
Shout out to all of the n***as that thought that I wouldnt make it
They the fakest ones hating while I was in the basement

[Verse 2: AR-ab]
Where Im from getting money be the object
I get mine putting fire to the Pyrex
f** a diss track I bring it to you direct
I k** you then the witness die next

44 Bulldog is a 5x
You never progress if you only side bet
Im trying to k** two birds with one stone
I just grabbed two birds but one gone
I supply it well thats my clientele
I fire shells if any one of my clients tell
They say its a long line to hell
But Ima either get rich or Ima die in jail
Until then Im only trying to gain revenue
Razor blade in a plate full of residue
96 Impala is heaven blue
Being broke like you is what Ill never do
Purple juice and them Xans got me sleep walking
She say n***as like me she dont see often
And I dont care if he shot I just keep sparking
I make n***as throw towels and make peace offerings
I got two baby mommas and we dont speak often
I just give them bank rolls and tell them keep walking
I just show a b**h money I dont keep talking
Then she slob on my knob like she retarded
Sour D 4 grams stuffed in the Dutch
Fifty grand rubber band tucked in the cut
Two b**hes four hands touching my nuts
Then I give them long dick touching their gut
If money is the topic I get it like Floyd
I be OG, moving grams of the [?]
If I dont know n***as my hand on toy
Cause Im a f**ing shooter, Brandon Roy
My n***a Ca** got the Bent I need the 550
I only blow good smoke the Ls 550
You not a real connect if you cant supply fifty
My cousin Nas get half cause hell die with me
O.B.H be the set and we gon get ours
A couple n***as got shot trying to take ours
I was in the crack house with eight vowels
You was like Eminem off of eight mile
In your sh**ty house writing rap songs
I use to run in n***as house with the mac on
I guess you only need one mic like Nas
Ill take a full pound in a white pie
Glock 30 compact thats the right size
[?] on the stove watch the white rise
Im talking brick sales get your order up
I dry cook mine I dont like it watered up

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