Anonymuz - The Ride

Song Rating: 7.16/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1]
Its just me and my n***as, liquor and a couple bad girls
Living in this f**ing mad world
With no fear for the tears its a fear n***as here they reveal when Im coming back Earl
Sweatshirt, yes sir this is life and it gets worse
But you always come back from the depths cured
And if somebody want to hold me back Imma eat it like Lector, lets work
Cause Im coming with the fear of God
Not trying to be something that is clear or not
Im just trying to get the whole world with their hands up like Im summoning a spirit bomb
Man it feels so good, n***a no stress
Im goin to flex on beats til theres no left
Im so blessed cause I put in work at the right time buzzin cause they listen to my whole set
Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, I rap to beast
Rap sk**s something like the best youve seen
And everything going to work out so I tell them naysayers they can all go rest in peace
My recipes for success
Feels like destiny and love met
When my album drops, my competition is definitely upset

So come along for the ride (We gonna ride tonight)
The ride (It dont matter if we die tonight)
The ride (The world gonna see us fly tonight because we live tonight and we ride tonight)
The ride

[Verse 2]
Uh, and I love life
Til these n***as come down cause Im upright
And stand up for the right to live cause Im a stand up kid who abandoned the thug life
And I aint trynna be a goon or k**er
Im just trying to be a dude with a slew of villains
And Im trying to get it soon
Cause everyone a**umes if doom em in their youth then you doom a n***a
Move a little, who am I meant to live
Its my life and its all I got left to give
But I fight just enough to get that extra hit
Its my night I write with the penmanship of
Ten men with the temperature of
Ten million centigrade
Said the statement I best get sent to grave
They book me cause they know that I bend the page
And rip sh** get thin with a pen to play with
And I started to end and make it
Known, that you MVPs spitting STDs cause I test your patience
Amen to the god of rap
And since A came in my autograph
So G they be like Aw snap
Cause Anon put three up on the map



Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 07:39