Anatii - The Saga

Song Rating: 9.33/10

Song lyrics:

[Intro: Anatii]
These n***as aint down to earth they better come back down
Heard they be taking shots need more rounds
Done with the Rands and Nairas tryna lose pounds
Yeah Ill be in the gym, working out

[Chorus: Anatii]
Gettin turned up on a Sunday, cause Im gettin more money on Monday
I take these girls out on Tuesday, and I buy em champagne like its Kool-Aid
Barbiliscious on Wednesday, paper cuts so I think I need a band-aid
Im with my n***as Thursday Im in the bando
Friday, car wash Im in the Benzo

[Verse 1: Anatii]
Lost a lot of weight just to fit in Balmain, now I got a new car, new chain
Bought a new grill with the diamonds and they bling
Shout out to Saint Laurent, hes a saint
Jay bout to leave the Porsche he bout to bring the plane
Yeah Imma bring the bars, bring the pain
Lomntwan untlwaela blind she lift her bra and her thang
Now Im bout to see my girl and her friends
Sexy Chubby, Supa Mega so you best get out the way
Boys in trucks, huh - G63
I took this girl out on a school day and I drop her a** off at UJ


[Verse 2: AKA]
Always had the dream that I would be the Supa Mega
On my second album but they treat me like a legend
Listen to my old sh**, thats my only pressure
City where the gold is thats the Holy Mecca
You can get the money - you can never buy taste

Take a sip of my name split the side grave
n***as talking beef sh** wanna braai vleis
Why you smoking cheap sh**, this is high grade
I think this mami got potential
I think this molly got me bustin out the friend zone
Drop in the champagne like a Mentos
We in the lobby but your body is a temple


[Verse 3: Anatii]
Angbuy iskelem man I buy things
Its not my fault that these rappers baezing
The Thundercat back brought the lightning
But now these n***as mad cause these hoes selling pipe dreams
Im treating habits like a spaza
You proly thought I got this money from my father
R.I.P to Tata
Shall we continue with the saga
Thousand dollar jeans and balaclavas

You know this sh** is a cla**ic
This aint no Billabong - no regular fabric
This is a Megathon now build me a statue
My n***a I been a god dont let this sh** gas you
Sim Dope pull up in a coupe with the Porsche sign
Pop these bottles off the roof at the All White
Drop these models in the pool, one me theres a lot of you
Time to show you how they do it in the North Side


[Outro: Anatii]

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