ALXSV - Trouble

Song Rating: 7.32/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: SV]
Humbler beginnings
Really want the future
But the past aint forgiving
The present is a gift
By God Ive been given
But I still reminisce, still reliving
She wanna hang out
On a date, maybe?
She want this dick but damn it aint free
I be getting all the buckets just like KD
Now the bars got me feeling 02 shady
Damn, hol up
Please just let me get my flow up
Rappers with the speed bumps
Hoping that I slow
But I get my sh** together
Real flows about to blow
Uhuh, You aint know
Got two of each b**h like Noah
Aint nothing more important than the Mula
Praise God n***a, Hallelujah
But we back to the trouble
And how it never leaves
Saint Laurent Paris
n***a, f** your Yves
Got a whole lotta raps like christmas eve
Make your b**h eat my apple
Oh sh**, Im Eve
Yall n***as need some other jobs
RIP Steve
And I never fall in love
Cuz the b**hll always leave
Sad Story
The contract like Jamie Vardy
Thank God Im a lord cuz lords dont worry
Plenty fish in the sea, just like Dory
Yall n***as want the glow
But i want the glory
Yall n***as so fake
Sorry not sorry
The more you on top
More b**hes you get
And also more crazy the story, but
Unleash the dragon for the hell of it
Please pardon my decorum
Me and Al-Kay making rappers so irrelevant
Want you to know
That we do it for your benefit
You dont want it?

Well guess we fiona fire him
Any second then
Cuz we gon be on top forever
Never going down
Only levitating, whats up

[Bridge: SV]
Nobody knows my pain
Nobody knows my sorrow
Nobody understands
That I may not see tomorrow

[Verse 2: Al-Kay]
Believe he made it
Young black king
Got Caesar hating
Trynna be strong cuz my people fading
So I vent, k** beat
Its a piece of cake thing
Bars Im on, Im retarded on
For that collard green
And that Parmesan
Send flows with the bows
Till my darts are gone
And I run the ba** like Im Barry bonds
And I Never back down on a track
Found that a lotta n***as had bars but they ran out
Broad wants me to drink with her
Are you sure?
Cuz I get a tiny temper when I pa** out
Sinful lick of that liquor
House party that vigour
Supposed to be a saint
But instead I rock saint Laurent with my n***as
Man, If I was broke Id have sold crack
Gold chain, if was broke id have stole that
Whites still use whips to control blacks
Only now they got seats and they roll back
Still trapped in the system
Dont understand the division
But if I come up with a plan from decision
A man on a mission
Can I make them challenge opinion
Can I make the planets opinion change
Am I just a minion caged
Dont care if they giving me praise
I just want the life that Im living to change
Not even that long
Feels like Ive been at it a million days
This key that Im holding Is trouble
But Ill never give it away

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 01:31