Alert312 - Haunt Me Home

Song Rating: 7.41/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: Boogalu]

Under cover
I covered
My dearly beloved
And boarded an EL train
Looking for lovers
Hit downtown
For my next endeavor
The lights drew me in
Darkness is clever
Had a date at eight
With a lady in red
A million in line
But I wanted her bad
Redline dropped me off at the foot
Of her bed
In between sheets
Saw seven heads
Each one severed
Between her legs
Beauty turned beast
Underneath her scales
After lust, I discovered
Her completions dread
My beloved in tears
Inside of my head
Can shake the guilt
Appetites can k**
Next moment I remember
My beloved appeared

[Chorus: Catalina Bellizzi]

All I want is beautiful
Show me something beautiful
All I want is beautiful

Haunt me home, Haunt me home, haunt me home
All I want is beautiful
Show me someone beautiful
Cause All I want is beautiful
So Haunt me home, Haunt me home, haunt me home to your beauty Lord

[Verse 2: Boogalu]

Over time
I hovered
With guilt from lovers
And boarded an El Train
Back to my beloved
Head facedown
City pa**ed me by
With a thousand eyes
Unfaithful like mine
Who took bait from the snake
Through a clever design
Had a million in line
Cause we wanted her bad
Now dropped back off
At the foot of my bed
Still in-between sheets
Saw blood again
My beloved on a cross
With nails in veins
Beloved turned beast
When he bowed His head
And k**ed the beast
That originally enslaved my cares
That moment I discovered
What my sin would bare
Paid my fare
My beloved k**ed
Next moment I remember
His grace appeared

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 09:38