Aeschylus - The Eumenides (Lines 77 - 120)

Song Rating: 9.46/10

Song lyrics:

Nevertheless keep racing on and never yield.
Deep in the endless heartland they will drive you,
striding horizons, feet pounding the earth for ever,
on, on over seas and cities swept by tides!
Never surrender, never brood on the labour.
And once you reach the citadel of Pallas, kneel
and embrace her ancient idol in your arms and there,
with judges of your case, with a magic spell -
with words - we will devise the master-stroke
that sets you free from torment once for all.
I persuaded you to take your mothers life.

Lord Apollo, you know the rules of justice,
know them well. Now learn compa**ion, too.
No one doubts your power to do great things.

Remember that. No fear will overcome you.
(Summoning HERMES from the shadows.)
You, my brother, blood of our common Father,
Hermes, guard him well. Live up to your name,
good Escort. Shepherd him well, he is my suppliant,
and outlaws have their rights that Zeus reveres.
Lead him back to the world of men with all good speed.
(Apollo withdraws to his inner sanctuary; Orestes leaves with. hermes in the lead. The ghost of Clytaemnestra appears at the Navelstone, hovering over the furies as they sleep.)


You - how can you sleep?
Awake, awake - what use are sleepers now?
I go stripped of honour, thanks to you,
alone among the dead. And for those I k**ed
the charges of the dead will never cease, never -
I wander in disgrace, I feel the guilt, I tell you,
withering guilt from all the outraged dead!

But I suffered too, terribly, from dear ones,
and none of my spirits rages to avenge me.
I was slaughtered by his matricidal hand.
See these gashes -
(Seizing one of the furies weak with sleep.)

Carve them in your heart!
The sleeping brain has eyes that give us light;
we can never see our destiny by day.

And after all my libations... how you lapped
the honey, the sober offerings poured to soothe you,
awesome midnight feasts I burned at the hearthfire,
your dread hour never shared with gods.
All those rites, I see them trampled down.
And he springs free like a fawn, one light leap
at that - hes through the thick of your nets,
he breaks away!
Mocking laughter twists across his face.
Hear me, I am pleading for my life.
Awake, my Furies, goddesses of the Earth!

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